Setting Up Your Email Marketing Campaign

Setting Up Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing

Setting Up Your Email Marketing Campaign

Before you send out a campaign you have to decide who you are targeting. Segmenting your data is the path to high conversion rates. Most paid programs will enable you to segment your data into lists. Sending only relevant offers and personalizing emails are the keys to your email marketing success.

For example, you could set up two email capture forms on your website, one for a hardware offer and another for software. That way you can send separate emails to both of these lists with relevant content and offers. This way you are targeting closely and increasing the chances of success.

Create Effective Emails

These are top 7 tips for successful email campaigns:

1.      Subject line. An effective subject line has to be concise and preferably under seventy characters. The subject line has to include a strong call to action to increase open rates. You should avoid spammy-sounding content and subject lines, because being black-listed by Internet service providers will seriously tamper your future marketing efforts.
2.       The “from” name. A familiar sounding or friendly “from” name is preferable. This could be your brand name or that of a well-known representative of your company.
3.       Design. The design has to be consistent with the content. Your brand name has to be clearly visible within the email. You have to include a couple of images, since they will increase the click-though rates. However, be careful! Your software can render emails quite differently, so it is crucial to use software that tests for this issue and enables you to modify your design accordingly.
4.       Content. It has to be visually enticing and easily understandable. Most importantly, it should offer real value to the potential customer. This is very important because a lot of your potential customers are time-limited and tuned in to their own plans 95 percent of the time. So, you have to grab their attention fast! What’s more, try to have multiple pieces a recipient can click. You should put the most important content at the very top of your email because most recipients preview emails in their email preview panes.
5.       Viral appeal. Try to choose software that enables you to include a “Forward to a Friend Link” in your email to encourage people to share. Friendship by its very nature encourages trust and emails sent from friends have high open rates. It goes without saying, for this to happen you have to be sending good emails.
6.       Website landing page. Your website landing page has be consistent with the offer in turns of both design and message. This is where you want the actual conversions to happen. It’s very important that the offer you have made in the email is ready and waiting for when your potential customer arrives. Also, call to action on the landing page and make order procedure simple and fast.

7.       Distinct landing pages. It is important to have distinct landing pages that are separate from the main website content pages. They should be entirely focused on the offer you made and exclude elements, for example, your categories.

Posted: 11/1/2011 | Updated: 11/1/2011

The logo you created is great!

-- Marcus of Moulton Consulting Group
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